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Baccarat Betting Rules

Baccarat betting rules refer to the how-tos in wagering when playing baccarat. Baccarat, as a table card game, has many variants. One of the major differences between baccarat game variants can be found in each variant's baccarat betting rules.

A country or a continent tends to have a baccarat game variant that it particularly favors or play more popularly in casinos. North America, for instance, prefers Punto Banco, while in France, it's baccarat en banque that dominates casinos.

Still, learning the different baccarat betting rules is important especially if you're planning to visit one country and plan to play in its casinos. It is also essential for internet baccarat gamblers where different baccarat game variants are available in one internet casino.

Below, we give you an outline of the different baccarat game variants and their respective betting rules.

Punto Banco baccarat betting rules:

1. Players have to wager first before cards are dealt.

2. Players choose between Player, Banker, and Tie bets. Player can wager on only one type of bet.

3. There are fixed bet limits. Minimum bet limits usually start at $25.

4. Banker can bet on Banker hand only while players/ bettors can bet on either Banker or Player hand.

Chemin de fer baccarat betting rules:

1. Banker can cap the maximum bet limit. This means that the Banker controls the maximum bet limits.

2. Total bet on Player hand must either be equal to or lower than Banker bet but must not exceed Banker bet. For instance, if Banker bet is $2000, a player may bet $1000, another player may bet $500, and another, $500.

3. A player may "go bank," betting the same amount as the banker in order to bust the latter.

Baccarat en banque betting rules:

1. A player cannot bet on Banker hand. The player can only bet on the Player on their side of the table, or bet on two Player hands by placing their wager in the middle of the table.

2. Banker cannot bet on Player hand.

3. Total Player hand bet must not exceed Banker bet.

4. A player may also "go bank" as it is in chemin de fer. A player may place all bets on a single hand or divide their bet between two Player hands by placing it in the middle of the table.

Mini baccarat betting rules:

1. The rules are the same with punto banco except that mini baccarat has lower bet limit. Minimum bet limits usually vary between $1 and $5.

Baccarat betting rules refer to the set of laws governing wagering in baccarat. There are many baccarat variants and their respective baccarat betting rules are their important markers, distinguishing one variant from another. Each variant has its own baccarat betting rules. Knowledge is the first and vital step to winning. Before joining a baccarat table, make sure you know its particular rules to avoid making mistakes that would cost your bankroll.