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Basics of Baccarat Etiquette

The game of baccarat, like any other casino games, should be played with the utmost respect possible. In baccarat, a player has to interact with the dealers and the players as well, because the casino typically accommodates as much as fifteen players around the baccarat table. This is why there should be a need for baccarat players to follow the rules baccarat etiquette.

The first rule of baccarat etiquette not to place your bets before the dealer has announced that the table is ready to accept them. Therefore, wait for the dealer to clearly state that the table is open for bets before you place your stake at the table.

It is also an important rule of baccarat etiquette is to keep from interrupting the hand at play. Whenever you find yourself in need of more chips or of other concerns, then it is best to deal with them between hands. It is also alright to leave your chips at the table because dealers are expected to watch them while you are away.

This leads us to the next rule of baccarat etiquette, which is to seriously consider the act of tipping for baccarat dealers. Although this deed is done upon your discretion, you should seriously consider doing so whenever the dealer has done a huge or special favor, such as watching your chips while you are away from the table.

As soon as you have placed your bets on the table, always keep in mind that you are forbidden to touch them. You are not allowed to lay a finger on your wagered chips, be it adjusting their position or straightening them properly. Touching the chips after you have placed them on the table is considered as an act of cheating not only in the game of baccarat but also in the whole casino establishment.

Lastly, dealers in baccarat are known to pay the players using highly-denominated chips. If ever the need arises to ask for less highly-denominated chips, do so as soon as the dealer distributes your winnings. However, this deed should always be minimized in terms of frequency because doing so frequently might disrupt the pace of the game.

The game of baccarat, although not played with greater amount of skill like poker and blackjack, should still be played with respect and dignity. Baccarat etiquette should always be followed and kept in mind whenever you are playing despite its straightforwardness and utter simplicity.