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How to use bonus offers to play your favourite casino games without spending your own money

Did you know that there’s a way to play your favourite casino games without investing huge sums of your own cash? Did you know that playing a few freebies doesn’t mean you have to lose out on winning the kind of big time prizes that attracted so many of us to virtual gambling in the first place.

How? By taking advantage of the bonuses offered by any number of leading online casinos.

What are bonus offers?

A popular marketing tactic which has its roots in the more traditional, land-based casinos, bonus offers and loyalty rewards have long been used to great effect in luring customers through the doors and keeping them playing for a long time to come.

In some cases, your casino may just flat out give you some free credits up to a certain value. More often than not though, the rewards for signing up to play come in the form of match bonuses.

As the name suggests, this means whatever amount you deposit into your new gambling account, the house will match it, penny for penny. Put £10 in there, and they’ll match it so that you have £20 to play with. Load up with £20, end up with £40 and, well, you get the picture.

Again, there’s normally a limit on this, with some companies offering as little as a £20 match bonus, and offers matching your deposit well into the hundreds.

How to spend your bonus

Once you’ve received your bonus, you can pretty much spend it however you like. For example, William Hill currently offer a £25 bonus for playing their Vegas casino. Said bonus sits in your account in much the same way as it would if you put it there yourself, and you’re free to spend it on any of the site’s countless casino games.

Attracted by the glamour and sophistication of the roulette wheel? Head on over to any of your casino’s unique wheels, place your stake, and hedge your bets on whether that thing will land on odds, evens, red or black.

Prefer something a little more interactive? You can always use your bonus to spin the reels on a vast array of slot games.

Other bonuses from your online casino

One of the better elements of playing online casino games is that the rewards don’t stop once you’ve signed up. Aside from the obvious allure of scooping the jackpot, there’s also the not-so-small matter of loyalty bonuses to consider.

After all, once as a casino has convinced you to step through the door, they’d rather you didn’t turn around, leave again, and start playing elsewhere. To that end, most virtual casinos are quick to reward you for sticking around.

Whether this comes in the form of free credits given out periodically, or as a ranking system (where you’ll enjoy greater privileges and prizes the more you play) all depends on the casino you sign up to. Still, if there’s one thing that’s the same no matter where you play, it’s that you can absolutely enjoy your favorite games without investing all that much of your own money.

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